Tuesday, August 31, 2010

6 states 1 day!

Well, I'm sitting with Brooke Oliver in the business center of the Sheraton in Oklahoma City and I'm feeling so refreshed! I don't have any pics today because the internet isn't working here on my computer. We did take a lot yesterday though. We didn't do much more than drive. We covered more than 1100 miles and six states yesterday! It was a record for me. I don't really recommend Arkansas to anyone. Or at least not driving the length of it in one go. We got here last night after about 15 hours of driving and Brooke and I had dinner with her friend Sarah, her sisters and mom and her bro in law. The food and company were wonderful but after all the driving,  I was a zombie. Sleep has never been more welcome than last night.

My throat was sore all day yesterday from crying a whole lot on Sunday. It was so hard to say goodbye to my incredible family, friends, home, cat, and Atlanta. I'm still kind of numb to what I'm doing and it's hard to see anything past 5 minutes ahead of me, but I'm excited about this trip and my new life.

Brooke and I are caravaning with another friend, Mary. We have walkie-talkies. Best investment ever!! Today we're leaving from OKC and headed to Albuquerque to stay with a gracious friend of Brooke's cousin. We're planning on taking our sweet time today. Angie, the girl we're staying with, is sending us to some mountain that overlooks the city for a nice hike before we head to her house for the evening. I'll try to post soon with photos of our adventure. It's been fun so far and we haven't even done anything!

I love you!

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